Best way to use?

Holding the dose of oil under the tongue for 30 seconds is the most effective way to get a dose of our CBD into your body without letting the harsh acids in your stomach break it down. However, we highly recommend trying it topically for aches, pains, inflammation, and general body relaxation. A little on and in the body does something good!

How should I store?

We suggest you keep your bottles in a cool dark place, even stick it in the fridge for added preservation. Please use within 90 days.

How long will the oil last?

Each bottle is meant to be consumed within a month or less. Please discard after 90 days.

Will this product get me high?

Nope ! All of our oil is non-psychoactive and comes from hemp plants that contain >.3% THC. These plants are classified as industrial hemp under federal and state law.

How is the oil extracted?

Our oil is extracted from the hemp plant using liquid CO2. This means no harmful solvents like ethanol or butane were used in the process. 

My product came damaged, now what?

Oh no! We are sorry to hear your goods were damaged in transit. Please make claims for product damaged during shipping within 48 hrs of receiving. Contact us directly with a full description of the damages to the product(s) at capriobotanicals@gmail.com.