It's giving relaxed vibes

A strong dose that can help take the edge off.

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It's giving I can handle it vibes

A light dose that may help life feel manageable and breezy.

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"Absolutely amazing! This has completely changed how I sleep every night! I finally have restful sleep :) "

"I'm in love with the cream. My husband loves it too. You make amazing products!"

"Absolutely love this dry shampoo! It smells amazing & I don't feel bad using it because the ingredients are clean! Will buy again!"

"My sister was telling me how she can't live without the lemonciello scrub.."

"I just feel centered. I am less irritable, more patient, just a better human/mama"

Our location:

Capri Botanicals, LLC

2121 SW Jaguar Ave

Port Saint Lucie Florida 34953


1(800) 287-7401