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Capri Botanicals

Lemonciello Body Scrub

Lemonciello Body Scrub

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Stealing hearts forever is the Lemonciello Body Scrub.

This lightweight sugar scrub is gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough to leave impurities buffed away. The AHAs and CBD work together to reveal dewy, nourished skin. Leaving you with the skin barrier of your dreams.

The AHAs in the scrub provide:

a gentle exfoliation

improved skin texture (dry skin, blemishes ,and keratosis pillars)

reduce the visible signs of aging by increasing cell turnover, increase collagen and elastin in the skin if used long term

reduce hyperpigmentation, melasama, sun spots and sun damage by penetrating deeper layers of the skin.


80mg full spectrum CBD*

cold pressed olive oil*

cane sugar*

bergamot oil, orange peel oil (citrus aurantium), tangerine peel oil (citrus nobilis), mandarin peel oil (citrus reticulata), grapefruit peel oil (citrus paradisi), lemon peel oil (citrus limon), and spearmint leaf extract (mentha spicata)

rosehip oil*


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